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Arkansas Lighting & Commercial Indoor

A commercial building’s interior lighting system can account for nearly 30% of the electricity usage for that building. Every business owner knows that reducing utility costs is beneficial for the well-being of their company, but for a long time there wasn’t much of a solution other than making sure you turn the lights off every time you leave a room. Now, with LED lighting, your electric bill may shrink to about 1/6th of what it is currently. LED ceiling troffers for your hallways supply a work environment in which people stay on-task and focused. These same LED lights will create less heat, and provide a much longer lifespan, so you need to change them out less often. Arkansas Lighting can supply you with whatever your commercial lighting need may be, ceiling troffers or down-lit pendants that shed light on a large area.

Arkansas Lighting’s commercial indoor lighting options line the ceiling in a lobby.


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