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About Prima Lighting

We have been recognized three times by INC5000 for being one of the fastest growing private companies in America! We are nationally represented by a network of commercial lighting sales agencies in the US as well as select locations in Canada. Our exquisite glass is internationally sourced, but most of the assemblies are done here in Van Buren, Arkansas.

Our interchangeable method provides an easy way to maximize the design of our product line. Create your own combination by mixing and matching our lighting systems with various glass shades and track heads.

Most glass shades and track heads may be used with LEDs, compact fluorescent, or low voltage lamps; they can be mounted to our line voltage bendable P-Track, or to our low voltage systems including monorail, FIT I or FIT II track systems, cable system, mini-rail system, as well as mono-point or multi-point mounting options.


“ Prima Lighting’s mission is to deliver high-quality products with a unique design. ”

Our commitment to excellence is not limited to meticulous testing and quality control – we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and technical assistance as well. While there are similar products offered in the lighting market, our goal is to continuously deliver the Best Value to our customers.


In order to commit to our promise for quality and to increase the longevity of the lighting system, we offer 50,000 hour LED lamps and/or include 10,000 hour high-quality xelogen or halogen lamps for a majority of our low voltage application fixtures.


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