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Lighted Mirrors

Brighten Up Your Morning Routine

Shouldn’t you purchase your lighted mirrors from a lighting company? Presenting Lighted Mirrors the way they should always have been done – Lighting First.


Standard Features

· Fingerprint-free etched / frosted mirror areas
· Special anti-corrosion mirror treatment
· 5mm environmental copper-free silver mirror
· High output LED light source rated for 50,000 hours
· Input Voltage of 110/230V, 50/60 Hz
· IP44 rating, suitable for any bathroom area
· All lighted mirrors are tested and held to UL Standards
· Rust-resistant white power-coat steel chassis
· Bubble level with each chassis for ease of installation

Frosting Options

Fingerprint-free frosted edge, with special
anti-corrosion mirror treatment

Feature Options

· Integrated Television
· USB Charger
· Magnifying Mirror
· Bluetooth Speaker
· Touch Sensor Switch
· Defogging System
· Motion Sensor Switch
· Shaver Socket
· LD Digital Clock


Brighten Up Your morning

With Arkansas Lighting Lighted Mirrors


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