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Custom Builds

From our founding in 1972, Arkansas Lighting has been a US based manufacturer. Founded by a glass blower, we developed an early and loyal following of customers who valued quality lighting made right here in the US. We started manufacturing shades in those early years and today, we manufacture almost all of the shades we sell.


Shortly after Bob and Patty Null bought the company in 1997, we built a powder coating facility with a large conveyor and oven. In 2019, we enhanced those finishing capabilities by launching Nūmode. Please see more about this beautiful, highly durable finish here.

Custom Capabilities
Custom Capabilities


Custom Pendant Fabrication

We have greatly expanded our custom pendant fabrication department where we build round drums as large as 72” diameter and straight sided pendants as large as 96” long. In 2022 we completed some custom chandeliers that were nearly two stories tall! We now regularly build pendants for several national accounts and build custom pieces to your specification.


World Class Facilities

As Covid supply chain challenges affect everyone in the lighting industry, we have worked to enhance our North American sourcing capabilities. We currently manufacture almost all shades from 100% domestically sourced components. We have US based suppliers for ceramic pieces with low minimum order quantities and hand blown glass suppliers in both the US and Mexico.


At BDNY 2022, we featured lamp bodies sourced from Mexico, including quarried natural volcanic stone, marble, onyx and granite. We are proactively seeking suppliers who can shorten our supply chain and allow us to manufacture more items in North America.


This push for domestic supply in no way changes our continuing long term relationships with suppliers in Asia. China is the manufacturing hub of the world for a reason – they have world class facilities and a very deep bench of suppliers who can fulfill every conceivable custom lighting need. Because of these long term relationships and a continual stream of containers flowing from China to Arkansas, we can build small quantity custom orders just as easily as we can build large quantity orders.

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