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Made in Arkansas


American Made Lighting

Looking for quality workmanship, seamless production, and stress-free delivery? Opt for Arkansas-made products handmade by our skilled craftsmen. Our long tradition of creating American-made light fixtures continues today with 40–50% of our lighting, including almost all our shades and oversized pendants, made right here.

Browse our selection of lighting made in the U.S.A. or contact us to create a show-stopping custom piece in as little as six weeks.

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  • P140A-R-240240080-480480200-360360140-240240140-SC017SC017-SC017SC017-SC017SC017-SC017SC017-A03-LS14-DR-P053

    - Made in USA
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  • P100A-S-090960090960120-SW001SW001-A03-LS15-DR480-L001

  • P100A-S-090960090960120-SW001SW001-A03-LS15-DR480-PSW6528

    - Made in USA
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